Important Speeches

Equal Voice National Recognitions – On March 10, 2011, Equal Voice honoured myself and twelve other trailblazers for helping to pave the way for women’s current political engagement in Canada. “These women and men have contributed to transforming the political landscape for women. They are seasoned professionals with long histories of political engagement. They have often been the first from their respective communities to attain political success.  They have served as Premiers, Ministers, political party and/or government leaders, a First Nations chief and Senators.” Equal Voice is an Ottawa-based group dedicated to getting more women involved in Canadian politics.

Two Votes: The Power of the Polling Booth – this is the speech I delivered on October 7, 2010, when I was awarded SFU’s Doctor of Laws honoris causa. Read also the Citation that was delivered by Professor Judith Osborne, SFU’s Vice-President, Legal Affairs and University Secretary, and watch the convocation address at SFU on YouTube.

Senate Retirement Speech – December 12, 2007

Senate Tributes – December 12, 2007